A middle-aged man recently ditched by his long-term girlfriend, ‘Karl’ lives with his elderly Auntie and his closest companion is his doppelgänger alter ego.
|EN| Sick Of It
Author Ken Follett presents two dramatic historical documentaries in which he explores the facts behind the setting of his fictional works.
|EN| Into The Dark
Unlike a conventional after show confined to the companion series itself, Unapologetic will feature Aisha Tyler leading a topical discussion around the broader, female-centric issues and themes that Dietland explores. Tyler will be talking with celebrity fans, series actors and producers, as well as relevant journalists, writers, comedians and other tastemakers.
|EN| Unapologetic With Aisha Tyler
Mister Tachyon travels the world to explore ideas that exist on the fringe of science.
|EN| Mister Tachyon
The lives of cousins Kerry and Kurtan in the rural village of Cotswolds.
|EN| This Country
Viewers go inside the lives and deaths of the one percent, exposing the dirty little secrets of how big money drives people to the ultimate sin.
|EN| Deadly Rich
UFOs: The Lost Evidence examines UFOs that may be inhabiting our oceans, top-secret military base Area 52, pilot and astronaut UFO sighting accounts, and deathbed confessions.
|EN| UFOs: The Lost Evidence
Bel, after spending the past 18 years as a homemaker, steps in to save the family business in a failing family run beauty salon in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Family feuds and bitter rivalries, professional and personal, escalate in the salon amongst the Botox, fillers and facelifts.
|EN| Age Before Beauty
Death row inmates convicted of capital murder give a firsthand account of their crimes in this documentary series.
|EN| I Am A Killer
Go Nan Do, the owner, and creator of an IT research company must hide his existence from the world after his involvement as a hacker in a major case ten years ago. Presumed dead, the only people who knew of his existence are his step-sister and his companies CEO. Han So Yeon, an assistant manager at a glasses company, keeps her distance from people, due to her inability to recognize people’s faces.
|EN| My Holo Love (AUDIO)
Revealing the origin stories of popular monster mysteries, each episode looks at the history, archaeology and truths behind legendary creatures.
|EN| Mythical Beasts
Hell Below is an event-based series charting the stealth game of sub sea warfare, tracking the dramatic narrative from contact to attack of the greatest submarine patrols of World War II. From the rise of the Wolfpack to the drive for victory in the Pacific, we profile the strategic masterminds and the rapid evolution of technology and tactics, as the threat of undersea warfare brings every sailor's worst nightmare to life. Expert analysis and stock footage are woven with narrative driven re-enactments filmed on authentic Second World War era submarines to place the characters at the heart of the action.
|EN| Hell Below: Hell Under The Sea

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